Driving School 2016 MOD APK V3.1 (All Cars Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Driving School 2016 MOD APK
🐱‍🏍App NameDriving school 2016 MOD APK
Latest VersionV3.1
🔧Last Updated23 September, 2020
🚀PublisherOvidiu Pop
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 4.0 or Up
🧱Size159 MB

Driving school 2016 MOD APK is an excellent game that provides you with training for driving through a mesmerizing experience of adventurous gameplay.

As you complete your mission, you will become a trained driver, and in the end, you will be able to get the license after completing your training.

Usually, people drive cars without knowing about driving the car. They don’t have the training for that which causes accidents. In most simulator games.

You must drive the car or any other vehicle freely without any discipline or safety criteria. Still, the developer designed a game with thriller, adventure, and training for driving.

For coaching, books are used, but as we know, that seems a pretty dull task because when you have to remember the rules and signs by reading the books, you will get frustrated and bored and get a headache.

If you get the training by hand, playing the game, then the task will be much easier because it simultaneously provides you with entertainment and instructions.

What is Driving school 2016 MOD APK (Unlimited money+ free shopping)?

Driving school 2016 MOD APK is a MOD version of driving school 2016. In this mode, you have access to the whole garage. There is unlimited money and allows you free shipping.

If you download this game from the google play store, the game will start from where you have no money and a D-class car, you have to complete missions and earn money and buy expensive luxury cars, but in this mod version, you can buy any car.

You should play the Driving school 2016 MOD APK updated because this game will train you to drive the car on the roads according to the standard driving rules.

Except for coaching, this game will let you avail the fascinating experience of driving luxury and stylish cars on the busy roads of different countries.

Thrilling role in Driving school 2016 MOD APK (Ad free+ anti ban+ unlimited XP)

Your role in this game driving school 2016 MOD APK(Fully unlocked+Unlocked all cars) is of a fresher who is taking training for driving to get the license.

You have to finish off the missions to get the money and upgradation your achievement level, and at the end, you will get your driving license after training.

Key benefits of Driving school 2016 MOD APK (Modifications+ new map)

● Comprehensive map

● Elegant and luxury cars

● 3D graphics

● Multiple controls

● Multiplayer

● Different modes

● Completely free

● Amazing sound effects

● Social connectivity

● Free rewards

● Wide range of weather

Comprehensive Map

Driving school 2016 MOD APK ( new map ) has a magnificent map with elegantly designed roads and buildings.

There are a total of 9 sites from different countries designed by the developer for you to avail the thrilling experience of driving cars on the roads. The locations in this game are as follows:

  • Berlin(Capital of Germany)
  • New York(City in new York state)
  • Seattle(City in Washington state)
  • Copenhagen(Capital of Denmark)
  • Bucharest(Capital of Romania)
  • Alps(Mountain range in Europe)
  • Amsterdam(Capital of Netherland)
  • Arizona((US state)
  • Andes mountains(South America)

As you can see, the beautiful sites are from different parts of the world, and the player can choose the location according to their taste.

You can choose straight roads, or you can drive on the bouncy track of mountains, which gives you a unique experience.

Elegant and luxury Cars

A simulator or racing game gives you pleasure if the cars are advanced, luxurious, and up-to-date, which attracts the user, so the developer has managed to arrange 21 elegant cars, three pickups, and two wagons.

The cars are picked up from every big brand, i.e., Audi. Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

3D graphics

You can’t play a game with low-quality graphics and visuals because, in this modern era, every person is addicted to using 3D HD quality graphics.

This game has the outstanding feature of having 3D graphics and visuals. While driving, you will amuse by the stunning sceneries of mountains and buildings along the roadside, which gives your eyes a calming touch.

Multiple Controls

In Driving school 2016 MOD APK, the developer gives the user an interface with multiple controls. The developer has designed the Interface, which appears during the gameplay with multiple controls.

You have access to all options. Following are the options that appear on the screen that are necessary for driving:

  • Indicator
  • Cruise
  • Turning signal
  • Seat belt
  • Headlights options
  • Sports mode
  • Horn
  • Camera view
  • Gear
  • Speed meter
  • Engine turn on/off button
  • Transmission mode(Auto/manual)
  • Buttons(left.right)
  • Steering mode
  • Real mode(clutch)
  • Tilt


A game is usually played for enjoyment, and games reward the person with joy and pleasure, but the pleasure becomes duplex if you play that game with friends or family.

Driving school 2016 MOD APK has this great multiplayer feature; you can play this game online with random people or friends by creating a room.

Different modes

There are three different modes in this spectacular game which are as follows:

  • Career mode
  • Multiplayer
  • Free ride

Career mode

In this career mode, your training starts by completing missions/levels, and you will get the license after you finish the missions.


This option lets you play the game with others by creating or joining the room.

Free ride

This option has no involvement in your career. There are no rules or violations. In this mode, you can freely drive.

Completely free

One of the outstanding features of this game is that it’s 100% free. You can download, install and play it from the download button.

Amazing sound effects

Sound effects have a vital role in the game’s credibility, so this game has excellent sound effects for cars and horns, etc.

Social connectivity

In this game, the developer has offered the feature of social connectivity so that you can connect with your friends easily, and your data will be saved online.

Free rewards

You can get free rewards in this awesome game by tapping the reward icon, which shows four options and their relative rewards.

You can get the rewards by liking the Facebook page, subscribing to the YouTube channel, Following them on Instagram, and watching the rewarded video.

Wide range of weather

Games have a wide range of site locations, but this game has more than that. It also gives you control of the weather.

There are four types of weather available which are sunny, windy, raining, and drizzling. You can select any of the available weather as per your own choice.

Exciting things about Driving school 2016 MOD APK ( free high-end cars + anti-ban)

  • Day/night option
  • Classic Interface
  • Interactive gameplay
  • Chat in multiplayer
  • Realistic driving style
  • Standard rules for driving
  • Excellent coaching
  • Family game

Mod features of Driving School MOD APK (Modifications + updated + multiplayer)

● Free shopping

● Unlimited Money

● Free high-end cars

● Anti-ban

● Ad free

● Unlimited XP

● Unlocked all vehicle

● Completely free

● 100% safe

● Hacked version

● Updated

How can you download and install the Driving school 2016 MOD APK( New Map + unlimited xp + modified ) on your cell/tablet?

Step 1: Go to the download button and press it. Downloading will start and will download an APK file of the game.

Step 2: Go to the device’s download folder and open that game driving school 2016 APK file.

Step 3: Then click install

Step 4: If you have downloaded a game other than the google play store, the device needs permission to allow it from unknown sources.

Step 5: There is no need to panic. The solution is to go to your device’s settings and allow unknown sources.

Step 6: Click install the game will be installed without any error.

Pros and Cons

Eye-catching Interface
3D graphics
Brainstorming game
Battery life compromised
The eyes can be affected
Waste of Time


Q 1: Can it be played without the internet?

Ans: Yes, it can be played without any connectivity. Except for multiplayer, all other options and modes can be accessed offline.

Q 2: Is it safe for children?

Ans: Yes, absolutely, it’s safe for children, and any age of persons can play it. There is nothing in this game that is restricted to those under 18.

The closure

Waste of Time is one of the most thrilling games. You will enjoy the game and the driving training cars.

Another advantage is that it can be played with your family or friends through the internet, and you can enjoy the magnificent driving experience in different cities worldwide.