Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK V 3.7.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Fuel)

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK
🐱‍🏍App NameBus simulator Indonesia MOD APK
Latest VersionV3.7.1
🔧Last Updated30 August 2022
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 5.1
🧱Size867 MB

Games are considered the most beneficial tool to relax the mind and body because the game releases the stress of the hectic daily routine of a person. A game is also a source of entertainment and joy for those bored at home.

It is a refreshment when a person feels sleepy because research has proven that playing games improve the focus of mind, eye coordination, and decision-making ability.

Simulators are easy to play as compared to other games. It doesn’t need a quiet environment, an internet connection, and your 100% attention. You can play it in your office, class, park, or elsewhere.

What is the Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Max fuel ,Unlocked all buses, Free Shopping , Free Adds) ?

Are you thinking of driving the bus or have the wish to drive a bus? If not feasible, then there is no worry because, in the modern era of graphics and games.

Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK has made it possible for those who are excited to gain the experience of driving a bus. Bus simulator Indonesia mod APK is a terrific game that rewards the person with the fantastic gaming experience of driving the bus on the road.

Reason to play bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK?

Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK is quite a different and very soft-handed game, and unlike other games, it gives you a wide range of multiple options to play.

Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK has very excellent graphics, and the 3d view makes the game much more exciting and has straightforward controls. Hence, the person playing gets excited about driving the bus on the Indonesian roads.

There are 4 modes available to play, Some simulators or racing games put pressure on the mind while playing and pull you out of your comfort zone.

Still, Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK has a great feature that you can enjoy while lying on the bed or anything else and enjoy the thrilling driving of a bus on the Indonesian roads.

Your role in Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK(Unlimited Tricks, Fully Unlocked) ?

As a player, you pick up passengers and drop them at their desired locations. During this journey, you must take responsibility like a real-life Bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK.

You are the driver and must pay the toll tax at the station. Maleo has developed this fantastic and realistic feature only in this game, so the player gets the thrilling experience of driving the bus.

This was the role if you play career mode and accessible mode, then you are not on any mission, and you can drive the bus freely at the given locations on the map. You can go wherever you want.

Features of bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK(All Features Unlocked)

  • Modes
  • Colored geological map
  • Garage
  • Shop
  • Driver
  • Social connectivity
  • Controls modifications
  • Wide range of options
  • Multiplayer
  • Completely free
  • 3D graphics


Bus simulator Indonesia has four various modes to play, which are as follows:

  • Free mode
  • Career mode
  • Tour mode
  • Multiplayer mode

Accessible mode

In free mode, the player has to select two different locations from the given map, one is the departure point, and the other is the destination. After selecting locations, the player is free to drive on the roads. There are no passengers to pick up.

Career mode

In career mode, the player is on a mission, and They have to pick up the passenger from the assigned locations and then drop them at their desired locations, and the driver gets rewarded after the mission is completed.

Tour mode

Unlike accessible mode, you have to select only one starting point in tour mode. That is destination free. In this mode, you can select from the Eight different trips.

Multiplayer mode

Bus simulator Indonesia has a fabulous feature of multiplayer. The player can create a room and add multiple players, allowing random joining or adding through a secret code.

Colored geological map

Bus simulator Indonesia presents the player with a comprehensive colored geological map with many locations, which attracts the player’s attention. In this game, there are 22 stations and 8 trips from which the player can select one.


Bus simulator Indonesia has a customized garage where you can modify your chosen bus.

  • Livery
  • Horn
  • Exterior
  • Tires and Rims
  • Strobes
  • Dashboard
  • Radio/Music


Bus simulator Indonesia has a shop along with a garage, which gives the shopping experience to the player so that when a player gets bored with the same bus, they can buy a new one of their choice.

There are only 6 buses in the shop, but all 6 are superb and have different creative designs and colors so that the player can change the buses at any time.


When Bus simulator Indonesia offers multiple ranges of options, then how can it be possible that there is only one driver? Bus simulator Indonesia has a choice in its driving person.

There are 4 drivers available one is female, and are males with a different appearance. The player can select a driver of their choice and taste.

Social connectivity

In most games, there is an issue of losing their saved data because there is no support available to save the data and their career level.

But in Bus simulator Indonesia, there is no worry of losing their data because it has social accounts connectivity, you can either connect with Facebook or google play games so that your achievement will not be lost.

Controls modifications

This game has a comprehensive range of controls. The developer has wholly focused on giving every modification to the player.

  • Departure time(Day or night)
  • Rain system
  • Transmission mode(Auto/manual)
  • Activation/deactivation of side mirrors
  • Hide/Unhide passengers inside the bus
  • Shadows
  • Road reflections
  • Road wear
  • Steering mode

Wide range of options

A driver should have everything in front of himself to approach and utilize the option when needed. Bus simulator Indonesia has a wide range of options that remains on the screen when you are driving, like:

  • Front screen wipers
  • Crane service to toe
  • Strobe on/off
  • Front lights High/low
  • Indicator button
  • Three types of horn
  • Turning the signals button
  • Door opening button
  • Seat Belt button
  • 4 different angles to view while driving
  • Cruise option


Bus simulator Indonesia has one tremendous knock: it allows multiplayer. If you have internet connectivity, you can play it with random people from all over the world by creating rooms and allowing random players, and in this feature, the room’s creator can kick out any player.

The second option is to play it with your friends by sharing the secret code of your room. Only those can join the room with which you will share your code. Thus, living in a different country allows you to connect with your friends and chat with them while playing the game.

Completely free

Some games in the simulator category are paid games. You have to purchase them and spend money to play them, but this game has saved you valuable money and allows you to download it for free and enjoy the thrilling driving of buses freely on Indonesian roads, so it’s 100% free to download.

3D graphics

No matter how entertaining and thrilling a game, unless its graphics and animations are not quality. The player gets frustrated if there are no animations and 3d graphics, but Bus simulator Indonesia has great visual artwork, so it attracts the player to play it.

Exciting things about bus simulator MOD APK(unlimited maps , Latest version )

  • It can be played offline
  • New exciting theme
  • Stunning 3d visuals
  • Comprehensive map
  • Stylish buses
  • Gift rewards
  • Music of your choice on the bus
  • Online connectivity

How to download and install the bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK ?

Step 1: Your download will be start after clicking the download button

Step 2: Open the APK Base file.

Step 3: Click to install the base file

Step 4: You need to allow the installation from unknown sources

Step 5: Solution are designed for problem, so we can solve if problem arises

Step 6: Now install the game.

Hurray, you can enjoy the driving the bus on Indonesian roads.

MOD add-on of bus simulator Indonesia MOD APK(free upgrades)

  • All premium unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited shopping
  • Unlimited modification of buses
  • Unlimited modifications to radio/music
  • Ads-free

How to play bus simulator MOD APK

Don’t worry if your newbie; I will assist you how to play this wounder full game. After installation, a page arises where you can select the folder where the documents of the game are saved, and the main page of the game arises. There you can select the mode in which you want o play.

So far, so concerned, if you need to play accessible mode in this mode, there are no boundaries like no passenger. You can go where you want, but you need to select your travel’s start and end point just for the map.

There are many controls on the screen where you can select and play the game, like a throttle paddle for acceleration and a brake paddle for braking, turn signal buttons for turning the turn indicators, and the horn.

There are four options, three options for how dynamic sounds and one for the central horn just by pressing the steering wheel, just follow the map and enjoy the Bus drive

Pros and Cons

Excellent graphics
User friendly environment
Mental stress release
Burden your eyes
Device battery is compromised


Q 1: Is bus simulator MOD APK safe to download?

Ans: The bus simulator MOD APK is 100% safe to download. Its unmodified version is also available on the google play store, so it’s safe to download this game.

Q 2: Can it be played offline?

Ans: Yes, it’s accessible mode and can be played offline. You have to access the internet for the other three modes, i.e., Career mode, multiplayer and tour mode.

Q 3: Is it safe for children under 18 ?

Ans: Yes, the bus simulator MOD APK is a game with no adult content, so it can be played by any gender and has no age restriction.


Children and adults can enjoy the Bus simulator MOD APK I assure you it will be a thrilling and exciting game for them. It can be played anywhere. There is no keyboard required or any specific place to play it.

It relaxes your mind and gives you comfort, and you will enjoy the fantastic experience of driving modern buses on Indonesian roads.

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