Train Simulator MOD APK
🐱‍🏍App NameTrain Simulator MOD APK
Latest VersionV 0.2.46
🔧Last Updated2 December 2022
🚀PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 5.0
🧱Size96.35 MB

Train simulator MOD APK is a fantastic game with an amazing interface and gameplay. It’s a great combination of thriller, fun, pleasure, and enjoyment.

This game is designed to release the oppression of the hectic routine of a person with the calming effect of train sound, colorful visuals, and appealing sceneries.

Many games are available on the internet in every category, but they demand the player’s attention and be attentive while playing. This game is a “piece of cake.”

It gives the user a calming effect and sucks the pressure and burden off the mind. This game will let you operate the engine of a special train on the rail track with a fully controlled interface.

Intro to Train simulator MOD APK (Latest+ updated version)

Train simulator MOD APK is a modified version of the train simulator, available on the google play store.

If you download this game from the play store, then you have to complete the missions and earn Money by accomplishing the mission and by delivering the goods from one place to another place.

If you download the mod version of this game, you will not have to put effort into accomplishing missions because it takes a lot of players’ time.

In this modified version, you already have unlimited Money, so you can easily change your engine and repair your machine without worry.

Why should you play this game?

It would help if you played this game because it is a fantastic tool that refreshes your mind and pulls you out of the irritation and spoiling routine.

Its brilliant visuals and pleasant sound effects of the train give you and your soul a gentle touch that sucks your frustration for the whole day. It’s so easy to play, and you will enjoy the thrilling gameplay of this fantastic game.

What is your role in this game Train simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money+ free shopping)?

Your role in this game is as the company’s manager, and you have been sent to a place named “nowheresville” by the capital to regain the glory of the company .

The ex-managers took some fallacious steps and destroyed the company’s image and led to the destruction of regional infrastructure. When the game starts, you meet “James,” who was recently appointed governor of that place.

James gives you instructions about driving the train and elaborates on all the controls of the engine and educates. you about the problems while operating the machine. So you have to go the train and deliver the goods from one place to the destination.

The Exciting New Features of Train simulator MOD APK (Anti ban+ No add)

  • Comprehensive map
  • 2D graphics
  • Workshop
  • Overhead crane
  • Modes
  • Amazing trains
  • Stations
  • Characters
  • Offline game
  • Multiple languages

Comprehensive Map

This game has a massive map with many regions. These regions have been designed so gorgeously that it contains amazing greenery and eye-calming sceneries on the way, which relaxes your mind.

  • Town
  • Summer Forest
  • Steppe
  • Swamps
  • Winter forest
  • Mountains
  • Desert

2D Graphics

Although this game has 2D graphics, it still has a fantastic view while playing this game. When you pass through the deserts, it will give you a stunning desert view.

The cultural buildings of the desert, and the same will happen with other sites. The scenery and stations change with every individual region.


When the train operates and climbs an inclined track, it damages its wheels and sometimes its engine, so it’s mandatory to repair the engine by getting the workshop service.

  • Repair/change the engine
  • Upgrade fuel tank
  • Upgrade wheelsets
  • Add coolant tank
  • Add sand pan
  • Change filter
  • Paint

Overhead crane

The overhead crane is assembled in this game because it helps to load the goods, so when you are on a trip in his game then, you have to deliver goods from one place to another place.

Thus it would help if you had an overhead crane that operates manually, so you have to work the train manually to load/unload the goods.


Two mode are available in this game

  • Story mode
  • Commerce

Story mode

In story mode, there is a whole story in which you have to travel to two or more stations, and in this mode, the fare is low.

Commerce mode

This is the earning mode from the name, so in this game, you must travel from one place to another. You just have to accomplish the task.

Special trains

There are lots of trains in this game that are locked at first, and as you complete missions and achieve excellence and strengthen your profile, the unlocked trains get unlocked, and you can change them according to your choice.


There are many regions available in this game, but in each part, there are 23 stations. Selection is truly depend on your choice


A person gets bored playing with the same character every time. There should be innovation and alteration in the surface, so the developer has vanished this problem and designed 9 characters in this game.

Offline game

It’s one of the key features and advantages of this game that it can be played offline because sometimes, you are in such a situation that you don’t have any access to the internet, so there is no worry about it, you can play this awesome game offline.

Multiple languages

The most prominent and unique feature of this game is that there is an option for various languages selection in this game which makes it so distinctive because every country has its language.

In some places, people can’t understand English which creates issues while reading the instructions.

Mod features of Train Simulator MOD APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited silver
  • All train’s engines unlocked
  • All Crew staff unlocked
  • All gadgets and consumables unlocked
  • 100% free
  • No Ad
  • Anti Ban
  • Completely Safe

Download and install instructions  of Train Simulator MOD APK ( New Maps+ New Trains)

There are a few steps ahead!!

Step 1: Click the download button.

Step 2: Go to the download folder

Step 3: Open the file. If the error comes, don’t panic, Every problem has a solution.

Step 4: Turn on the unknown sources for setting of your phone

Step 5: Install the APK file by clicking installing button

Step 6: Wait for a while. This step is crucial!!

Congratulations, you can enjoy the Train simulator MOD APK latest version

Note: You can skip step 4 if you have already done this.

Excellent graphics
User friendly environment
Mental stress release
Burden your eyes
Device battery is compromised


Q 1: Is it safe for children under 18?

Ans: Yes, it’s entirely safe for children under 18 because it doesn’t contain adult content, so that any age group can play it.

Q 2: Is this game played without internet connectivity?

Ans: Yes, you can

The closure

Train Simulator is a fantastic game for mind relaxation, and you can play it anytime because it doesn’t need internet access, so you can play it while working in the office or lying on your bed. The game’s fantastic animations and beautiful scenery give your eyes and mind a gentle touch.

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