WCC2 MOD APK V 3.0.8 (For android MOD + premium + Unlock everything )

WCC2 MOD APK V 3.0.8 (MOD +premium + Unlock everything )
🐱‍🏍App NameWCC2 MOD APK V 3.0.8 (MOD +premium + Unlock everything )
⚡Latest VersionV 3.0.8
🔧Last Updated28 Oct 2022
🚀PublisherNextwave Multimedia
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 5.1 or Up
🧱Size395 MB
WCC2 MOD APK V 3.0.8 (MOD +premium + Unlock everything )

Cricket lovers are in huge quantity in the world. They know everything about cricket, even that they know about the families of their fav cricketers. Thousands of people worldwide don’t have enough time to play cricket on the grounds, so we have a great app named WCC2 MOD APK, which gives them fantastic gameplay with realistic graphics and the sound of a cricket. Huge amount of features are there waiting for you

Introduction of WCC2 MOD APK ( anti ban + unlimited money + coins unlimited)

In this game, you can play with AI opponents and online players. Just like this, we can play multiplayer with family and friends. This is a simple cricket game, just like cricket on the ground, with 3d realistic graphics.

In the ground environment, players interact with each other, just like in real all things. Virtually your in the ground to play cricket as a bowler or batsman. All things are in control, just like the physical world.


As we know that cricket is fav sport for all of us. We can amuse ourselves by playing cricket or enjoy the real feel of cricket as we are on the ground, the bowling action or bowlers, the cricketer cheer moments, and the shots done by the batter. The cricket lover will enjoy it .

Also, this help to release our stress and mental tiredness, which leads the brain to release the hormone of joy .that is more beneficial to our mental health.

Thrilling role in WCC2 MOD APK 

We know that there is a bowler and a batsman, and we can play both as we want. As a batter, we can enjoy all the things a batter can enjoy on the real ground or real pitch, just like face balls, and make a hit as a lofted ball.

Also can, stop the ball and leave the ball just by swapping fingers on the screen. As a bowler, we can bowl at a different paces, at different angles, and at different points of landing, just like in real cricket.

Thrilling role in WCC2 MOD APK

The exciting new features WCC2 MOD APK (fully unlocked + Updated + no adds)

  • Online and offline
  • Ashes to ashes tournaments
  • 160+ gameplay animation
  • Rain interruption/ DL method
  • Ultra Edge, LBW, and HOTSPOT features
  • Challenging AI competitors
  • Minor errors and bugs fixed
  • New stadiums
  • Cinematic camera and other camera features
  • 3D Wagon Wheel, Led stumps
  • Professional English, Hindi and Tamil ,and commentators
  • A new awards ceremony added
  • After match reports

How to download the latest version of WCC2 MOD APK?

You’re just near to enjoying the incredible gaming experience. There are a few steps ahead!!

Step 1: Just click the download button. This will download an APK file

Step 2: Go to the download folder

Step 3: Open the file. If the error arises, sit back; I will give you the solution.

Step 4: Just turn on the Unknown installation option in your device settings.

Step 5: Install the APK file by clicking installing button

Step 6: Wait for a while. This step is crucial!!

Congratulations, you enjoy the WCC2 MOD APK latest version

Note: Skip step 4 if you have done this before.

Features (IPL auction unlocked)

In WCC2 MOD APK ( latest version ) there are a lot of new features all are listed below

Daily bonus

There is a daily bonus on the homepage from 200 coins to 1000 coins which can be redeemed every 24 hours

Signup coins

This feature gives us coins when we sign up with social media accounts.


You can play with friends or online. On both sides, either bowler or batting.

World tour

World tour feature is an ad-on feature in which we can play in the part of the world we like most ,for a cricket fan it is very much a joy.

Practice mod

To polish skills in the battlefield of cricket, practice is more important where you can check your abilities and try new things that is much beneficial in that field because cricket is the field of practice.

Test cricket

Test cricket is the most famous and very first format of play in cricket history. After that, another format comes due to time lack and other factors. In this game, you can enjoy this format per international rules and feel the pleasure of the ground.


Many tournaments are coming in the tournament section where you can play the tournaments, just like in the real world, where you can play street cricket to international cricket.

Hot events

Many hot-coming events are covered for the tremendous gaming experience, like world leagues including BPL, IPL, PSL, NPL, SUPER SIXES, etc.

NPL 2022

The National premier league 2022 event is a very famous league in Australia. It is the tenth season of the league. You can enjoy this league on your android phone.

Challenge a friend

This feature allows us to challenge our friends to come and play a match. You can say a friendly match or rivalry match.

Watch share your highlights

The extraordinary feature will allow us to watch your innings highlights and to share with friends to analyze how good or bad we are on the ground.


The achievements are there, like level-up and gaining energy which is very important in gameplay.


There is a daily weekly mission that can be played and completed and get rewards.

Cheer your team

In games, cheers have another charm. In this game, there is a bunch of people to cheer, holding cheers and cheers leading poms like in real cricket.

Redeem referral achievements

Referring your friend or getting referred also gets you a reward you can redeem.

Share coins with friends

You can share your coins with friends by signing up through your social accounts.


The most important thing is to get on the leaderboards and maintain the position on the leaderboards.


This feature provides the latest information about the world of cricket.

Free Coins

After a certain time, free coin will be awarded on the block of free coins.


This is the most exciting section. In this, we can buy and enjoy the consumables by which we can decorate your things like jerseys, kits, bats, balls, energy, etc

My career to see and manipulate

My career is an outstanding feature. With this feature improves our ranking in ODI, test, and t20. This also helps in the field.

Player physical customization

Physical appearance on the ground is the most imp thing. In real cricket, the fans follow your dress, your goggles, your hairstyle, and your way of dressing. This can be more amazing in WCC2 MOD APK

Jersey customization

This feature is amazing in that we can edit the jersey which we want.

Commentary famous

The complementary part of cricket is the commentary. Most people enjoy commentary more than cricket. The way of their delivery is such an important and marvelous to listen to. In this game, famous commentators are included like

  • Matthew Hayden  for English commentary
  • Abhinav Mukund for Tamil commentary 
  • Akash Chopra for Hindi commentary
  • Zack Taylor for English commentary
  • Neeraj M Mehra for Hindi commentary


These are just like a deal in which you can buy things in the deal.

  • Tournament deal – for Asia cup tri-series
  • Coins deal- for ads removed and to get 20000 coins
  • Invites deal- for no ads + 2x rewards +20k coins
  • GOC deal- for no adds + 2x GOC +25k
  • Entry-free deal- for no ads + no entry fee
  • Vip access – for no ads + no entry + more


Stadiums are the venue to play in that many things are to consider, like pitches, ground conditions, and ground boundary length. In this game, the stadiums of given countries are available

  • India
  • Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • England, West Indies, and Zimbabwe
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland
  • Bangladesh, South Africa, and UAE
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Faisalabad
  • London
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Cape Town
  • Chennai
  • Roma
  • Harare
  • Christchurch
  • Barbados
  • Manchester
  • Dhaka
  • Sharjah
  • Kandy
  • Mumbai
  • Colombo
  • Johannesburg
  • Chittagong
  • Bengaluru
  • Dharamshala
  • Karachi
  • Dublin
  • Delhi
  • Lahore
  • Hambantota
  • Wellington
  • Pune
  • Dubai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Edgbaston
  • Adelaide
  • Marvel
  • Spotless
  • Avalon
  • oculus

Game Modes Packs

  • NPL 2022 Pack
  • World Cup Pack
  • NPL Pack
  • Local Rival Pack

MOD features of WCC2 MOD APK for android updated

  • Unlimited purchase
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited tournaments
  • All achievements unlocked
  • Free purchase
  • All customization unlocked
  • All commentators unlocked
  • All combos unlocked
  • All stadiums unlocked
  • Free VIP Passes
  • All modes unlocked
  • Unlimited Shopping

How to play WCC2 MOD APK latest version ?

To play this WCC2 MOD APK (Multiplayer with unlimited money ), you just need to download and install it by following the steps mentioned above if you have already done it. You can now play, and I will let you know how to play that game for your newbie. First, you need to select the game mode you want to play.

How to play WCC2 MOD APK latest version ?

Next, select your team and the other team if you are in quick-play mode. In the rest of the mods system, sort out your opponent depending on the tournament event or mode of the game overs to be chosen.

In the case of quick play, you have options of 2 overs, 5 overs, 10 overs, 20 overs, 30 overs 50 overs. For selection, the next game difficulty is to be chosen, i.e., easy, medium, or hard.

Now the most amazing part is there in this. You can edit your kit, including the jersey of every new match. Like the pattern, and color, of the kit, now you need to choose the stadium. We have options for the stadium which we have mentioned above.

Next, you must select the pitch condition you like to play, i.e., Dead Green-Dusty. Now it’s to select the match selection condition in the selection.

Day – Evening -Night modes are available now the process of assigning roles comes up. You need to select the player and then give him a role, whether he is a keeper, batsman, bowler, or out of the playing squad.

Now moving toward the gameplay, you must select the controller option. It depends on your ability. The classic controller and the pro controller are available to select from. now it you easy to select the camera either from the bowler’s end batters and wait, wait to load!!!!

Toss is an important event in a game. A call of heads or tails is to be made. Choose the bat or ball you want to play if you win the toss. The National Anthem of playing teams is to be played. Also, you will choose the player you thinks is the better option in this situation.

There is a scoreboard in the top right corner of the screen. Also, there is a field adjuster in the top left corner. When you’re a batsman, you must select the loft button for lofted shots. For the left ball, select the leave ball button. During running, you can cancel and sprint using a button on the screen.

In the case of a bowler, you need to select the speed of the ball, the location of the landing, and the angle adjustment. That’s how you can play this game.

My Reviews

Wcc2 is only for cricket lovers, as I played this game, and this gave me the unique experience of a cricket game; this game has a lot of features like unlimited coins by which you can buy anything; you can also enjoy the Unlimited cash in SACHIN SAGA MOD APK. Also, there are complete tournaments; once you want to pay, you can easily play and not wait to unlock all games; there is an add of free VIP Passes that helps in entering the VIP lobby of this game; as a player, you want to change the venue the, but these are locked in the game, but this version of competition available in apk trolly give you the different stadiums where you can play the cricket it means all stadium is unlocked, I enjoyed this game a lot you will also enjoy the game.

Excellent graphics
User friendly environment
Mental stress release
Burden your eyes
Device battery is compromised


Q1 : WCC2 MOD APK can steal your information?

Ans: No ,WCC2 will not steal your information this is against law, and we abide by Laws

Q2 : WCC2 MOD APK is a multiplayer game?

Ans: Yes you can play it with friends and family members

Q3: WCC2 MOD APK is an online/Offline Game?

Ans: This game have both features you can play it offline and online

The closure

WCC2 MOD APK (unlimited coins) is specially built for cricket fans. If you are a cricket lover and want to enjoy real cricket with good graphics and real sound effects this will be your right choice, you can enjoy all features which are available in the real ground.