Football Strike MOD APK v 1.41.1 (Unlimited coins and Cash)

Football Strike MOD APK
πŸ±β€πŸApp NameFootball Strike MOD APK
⚑Latest VersionV 1.41.1
πŸ”§Last Updated1 February 2023
πŸ±β€πŸ‘€RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or Up
🧱Size76.85 MB

Football is the most famous sport around the globe, especially in the west. Football used to be played by young people in the streets and on the ground as well. This sport is not just a game, but it is good for physical and mental health. People who want fitness and want to maintain their physical health used to play football.

Hence, in the era of stress, discomfort, and a busy routine, you need your fav sport on your fingertip. We all have a smartphone, so we can play football on our mobile, yes on our mobile phone, or any Android device just by downloading this game named football strike mod apk (unlimited money and cash), developed by Miniclip.

What is football strike MOD APK ( unlimited money and cash )?

football strike mod apk (unlimited money latest version) is a football game where you can play as Striker and a goalkeeper, just like in the real world. This game is based on 3d graphics and real-time defending features. Furthermore, you can enjoy the different shoots and customize your kit according to your choice.

Role in football strike MOD APK (all unlocked )

In the football strike MOD APK( free kick + aim hack ), we can play either goalkeeper or Stricker, both having a different charm. As a footballer, it’s up to you to play as a goalkeeper or Striker. The role of the Stricker is to Strike the ball into the goal rack.

This is a moment to enjoy as we are playing as a goalkeeper. It is a moment of pressure when opponents want a goal, and you have to stop the goal.

Exciting new features (fully unlocked + anti-ban)

Play quick

In the quick-play mode, you can start your journey as a newbie. Five tiers are available that you can play. They all depend on the Prize, stadiums, entry fee, and rules. All five tiers are given below:

Tier 1

In this Tier, the Stadium of the USA hosts matches with the Prize of 400 coins. Also, the entry fee is 200. The rules for the match are 5 shots in which, turn by turn, you can play as Striker or goalkeeper.

Tier 2

Brazil is hosting this match. This Tier will be enabled after level 1. You have to pay 500 entries for the winning Prize of 1000, the rules of this game are 5 shots and a d special move.

Tier 3

As the matches get bigger, the Stadium becomes more charming, so Germany is hosting this match. You can play this after achieving level 2 with a reward of 5000 and an entry fee of 2500.

Rules including 5 shots with a special shot and a shot with a moving wall that is added on.

Tier 4

The Italy stadium will be the host for this Tier. You can enjoy this Tier after level 4 if you want to get a Prize of 20000 with an entry fee of 1000. As we talk about the rules, there will be 5 shots and some special moves.

Tier 5

After achieving level 5, you can play this Tier in which Prize is 5000, and the entry fee is 2500. Rules include 5 shots, special shots, and a shot with moving walls.

3D graphics

This game has extraordinary 3D graphics, and the textures and colors are eye-catching. You will enjoy this.


In the carrier mode, there are different stadiums in which you can play. The most famous soccer challenge is included in this mod, where you can enjoy your favorite sport.

Global championship

In the global championship, you can enjoy playing with different countries players, challenge them and play a match.

Global stars season

Every player has a dream of playing with the global stars of football. There are a lot of football stars available in the game mode. You can play with the global stars in a match, where they reveal their great game, and you can also show them your guts. This will be a great moment of pressure as well as leisure.


Play with friends online and offline, like multiplayer, is also available in this football strike MOD APK.


The most awaited segment of the football strike MOD APK is customization. A player is a combination of stats, including power, accuracy, and shot selection.


You can increase your shot power, shot accuracy, shot curve, and goalkeeping skills by using cash. It will be a beneficial tool to improve your game.


In football, the ball which is used has a very important role. There are different categories of balls used in a match, including basic ball, Low power ball, low accuracy ball, and low curveball. These are available in this section.


In this section, you can edit the shooting flame graphics of the ball, which will be a great moment of joy.

Goal effect

In this module, you can edit the goal ratchet of your choice.


For a player, kits are more important than anything because this will be his identification mark. You can edit


The style, skin color of Stricker, Hair Style, beard style, and goalkeeper can be edited according to your choice.


You can select shirts, nickers, shoes, and socks. For Stricker as well as goalkeepers, but specifically, gloves are available for goalkeepers.

Also, you can edit the color design of gloves and the tattoo on them. Shields for legs also can be chosen.


The Action is a feature of a specific player, the actions including victory enjoy, ready to play. The beneficial thing is that you edit all these emotes.


In a sport, this part is very important. This will show your standings in the match and domestic and international league.


In this section, you can buy elite, premium, champion, and VIP bags for your kit.

Official kits

There are signature kits in famous clubs like Liverpool’s FC, Borussia Dortmund, and FC Barcelona. You can buy and enjoy these kits.

How to download football strike MOD APK ( menu + always score + stupid enemies )?

You’re just near to enjoying the incredible gaming experience. There are a few steps ahead!!

Step 1: Just click the download button. This will download an APK file

Step 2: Go to the download folder

Step 3: Open the file. If the error comes, don’t panic; I will give you the solution.

Step 4: Go to the settings of your android device and allow the unknown sources

Step 5: Install the APK file by clicking installing button

Step 6: Wait for a while. This step is crucial!!

Congratulations, you enjoy the Football Strike MOD APK latest version

Note: you can skip step 4 if you have already done this.

MOD features of football strike mod apk (unlimited money android 1)

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited shop
  • All features unlocked
  • All tires unlocked
  • No ads
  • Offline/ Online
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Unlimited Daily rewards
  • All skins unlocked
  • Easy winning
  • Ball free upgrade
  • Skill free upgrade
  • Carrer unlocked
  • No wind
  • No entrance fee
  • Free shot
  • Club unlocked

How to play football strike MOD APK mod (Unlimited money and free kick )?

If you’re new to football strike apk, I will tell you how to play this game. This is so simple as you play another football game. First, you have to install the app, then open it.

A screen will show you different game mods like quick play and carrier, and many more I will talk about the simple one, quick play.Depending on the entry fee, you must select the Tier you want to play.

Then a screen occurs where the opponent player will be chosen, and the game starts. You have 5 shots, .one by one.

You can achieve a goal and defend your goal, as if your goalkeeper, the opponent, hits the ball, you need to stop the ball by swapping on the screen at the ball side.

The timing of swapping matters. If you’re late, you Will lose the goal, and in the case of Stricker, you need to hit the ball at the goal ratchet anywhere you want, or you think that by doing this goal will happen.

If a match draws, both will be awarded a new match of 5 slots on the same entry fee.

My Reviews

I’m very fond of playing football. I played football regularly till my university, but now I got a challenging routine and hectic routine at a job, so it’s almost become impossible to spare time for the game and play football on the ground physically, so I tried to satisfy my lust for football through an online game, so I tried a lot of football games from the google play store. Still, they had some flaws, so by searching, I learned about the Football strike. I downloaded this, and finally, my struggle got fruit; I got what I was searching for a terrific game with excellent graphics. It fulfills my craving, and I enjoyed the game. It’s Ad-Free, and you have unlimited coins and cash to unlock all tiers also find Ad-Free feature in ROBLOX MOD APK

Excellent graphics
Easy to play
Consume time
It can’t work on the old version of the Android
Pressure on the screen will occur


Q1: Can it be played offline?

Ans: Yes, this game can be played both online and offline.

Q2: On which version of Android will this app work smoothly?

Ans: On Android 5.0 or up, this football strike MOD APK (club unlocked + mega menu) will work smoothly.

Q3: Mod benefits in this football strike hack unlimited cash 2023 are paid?

Ans: Not all features are open and free to use.

The closure

This football strike MOD APK (play offline + anti-ban) is designed by the famous sport developer Miniclip, especially for the football lover who wants to play football on android devices.

I assure you that you will enjoy this game. As if you’re not a football lover, you will enjoy this happy gaming.