Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK (MOD, unlimited money) V1.4.4 free on android

Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK (MOD, unlimited money) V1.4.4 free on android
🐱‍🏍App NameFarming Simulator 14
⚡Latest Versionv1.4.4
🔧Last Updated17 August 2017
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 4+
🧱Size85 MB

Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK (MOD, unlimited money) – Do you have an interest in farming or cultivating grains/fields? Do you want to amuse yourself with the fascinating experience of being or behaving like a farmer?

Have you ever dreamt of driving a tractor, Harvester, Cultivator, and trailer in the fields to grow and cultivate grains? If yes, then Giants software’s has solved your problem and created this wonderful game to fulfill your dream to please the soul with the amazing farming experience.

The farming simulator 14 MOD APK is the most elevated game in the simulator category. It has more than 100 million downloads on the google play store with a superb rating of 4.2.

If anybody has fond of farming and wanna perceive the experience of driving farming equipment into the fields while lying on the bed or sofa, then we will suggest you play his wonderful game.

What is Farming simulator 14 MOD APK ( All unlocked )?

Farming simulator 14 MOD APK has paid versions, you cannot get them for free, but here we are discussing the standard version, which is free. You can get this standard version on the google play store and this site.

On google, there is an unmodified version. You have to unlock and buy everything, but in this mod, updated and the latest version, you will get all vehicles, premium unlocked, and unlimited money. You can get this version by clicking the download button, which has all premium unlocked.

Why should you play Farming simulator 14(Unlimited money) MOD APK?

Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK latest version, is a whole universe in itself. Farming is a great activity and mind-calming activity to perform, but in this busy lifestyle and hectic routine, it’s not feasible to do it physically.

Farming simulator 14 MOD APK updated has dismissed this hurdle that resists you from enjoying the pleasure of growing fields.

Secondly, It does not put resistance only to farming. It allows you to grow and cultivate grains and sell them to earn money. You can also sell that grains immediately after cultivation or store them in store and sell them when the rates are high.

This way, you can grow your own business and become a person in business.

 Your role in this game?

Your role in this game is a farmer and businessman. You have different types of farming equipment like tractors, harvesters, spreaders, etc.

You have fields available so that you can grow crops and grains, cultivate them and sell them in the market at the best rates to earn money to buy fields and equipment and to become a business person.

Features of Farming simulator 14 MOD APK

  • Modern and stylish tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Headers
  • Cultivators/plows
  • Sowing machine
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Mowers
  • Tedders
  • Windrowers and Bale tools
  • Transports and loading wagon
  • Farm silos
  • Gas stations
  • Fertilizers and seeds shop
  • Farming shop
  • Hiring assistant
  • 3D graphics
  • Comprehensive map

Modern and stylish Tractors

In this latest version of the game, the developer has designed 7 modern tractors and added them in the shop so that you can buy them and enjoy driving the tractor with the amazing sound of the tractor.

The tractors are of various horsepower and speeds, it varies from 102-340 hp, and speed varies from 35-60.


This equipment is used to harvest the field of ripped crops. The developer has designed 5 superpowered harvesters of different horsepower, shapes, Designs, and colors.

You can buy any of them to harvest your crops, only to harvest corn, you must purchase Krone big X Forage Harvester.


There are 4 different types of headers available in the shop. You can buy any of them according to your need and the crop you want to grow in the fields because every crop requires its specific header, so below every header, it is mentioned on which field it will work.


Cultivators are the most important machines in farming because they plow the field and stir the soil to promote growth or kill the weed.

It also smooths the hardened soil and prepares that for farming. There are 5 different plows available in this game to plow the fields.

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is used in farming to sow seeds into the field. It sows seeds in a definite pattern and buries them to a certain depth in the ground so that the seed can grow properly.

It is attached to the tractor at the back side of the tractor. In this farming simulator 14 MOD APK, there are 3 sowing machines. You can buy and use any of them.

Fertilizer spreader

In farming, this equipment is worth greatly and is used for even distribution of fertilizers in the fields. This equipment is also dragged by the tractor by attaching this equipment at the back side of the tractor. The developer has added 6 various fertilizer spreaders in this latest version of the game.


Mowers are machines used to mow or trim the grass. This can be used by attaching with a tractor or by hand, but here there are two mowers available to cut the grass.


This is equipment that is used to make hay. Using a tedder boosts the process of drying the hay, preventing fermentation. There are two types of tedders available in the shop which you can use for haymaking.

Windrowers and bale tools

Windrowers are an important piece of equipment used in farming for cutting grains, and it segregates the remaining stalks in windrows for later use. There are two windrows available in this game. You can use them after buying.

Bale tools are used in farming to compress and shape the straw into a definite form so that it can easily be managed.

Transport and loading wagon

Transport is a major need in farming. Every farmer needs transport to shift the grains from the fields to the selling point or to carry grains from one point to another, so in this amazing game.

There are 7 types of transport available in which there is a pickup truck, a Transport truck, and 4 stylish and amazing trolleys in which you can easily transport your goods and grains.

Loading wagons are used in farming for the collection and carriage of a large amount of grass when the harvester has finished harvesting and created the straw. Then it collects the straw.

There are two types of loading wagons available in the game, which you can collect and sell at the biogas plant to earn money.

Farm silos

One of the key and incredible features of fs 14 is that you can store your harvested grains or crops for a short time in the silo. Each silo is marked with the grain type it will store.

After harvesting when you load your grains in the trailer then you have to park the tractor and trailer on the pit placed beside the silos then the trailer will automatically put the grains in it.

Gas stations

The farming simulator 14 MOD APK is an awesome realistic game. Its developer has tried their best to make every depth realistic. In the real world, the vehicle needs fuel to operate, so the developer has made it possible to implement this feature in this game.

So to operate the vehicle, you have to fill the gas in the vehicle from the gas station. There are several gas stations available so that you can fill the gas.

Fertilizers and seeds shop

For growing crops, every farmer needs fertilizers and seeds, so the developer has designed the shops for both items. You can locate the shop on the map when you need fertilizers or seeds and get them from there.

Farming shop

There is also a farming shop in the game, which is designed to make this game even more realistic and adventurous. The farming shop is always available while playing the game, and you can buy any equipment from this shop.

The outstanding feature is that it’s so realistic that whatever you buy from the shop will be parked or placed outside the shop, you have to go there with a tractor and bring that equipment yourself, and it’s an amazing experience.

Hiring assistant

Another unique feature of this game is that if you are facing issues driving the tractor and sowing the seeds or harvesting the crops, you have an incredible option of hiring an assistant who will take control of driving and make your job much easy. The wages of all assistants depend upon their working hours.

3D graphics

No matter how entertaining and thrilling a game, unless its graphics and animations are not of good quality. The player gets frustrated if there are no animations and 3d graphics, but farming simulator 14 MOD APK has amazing 3D graphics, which will let you amuse from a great experience of farming.

Comprehensive map

Fs 14 has a comprehensive map with classical icons, which provides great assistance while locating some places. The map is foldable. You can open or close it by tapping on it, and you can move on the whole map and check the directions for any place.

Mod features of farming simulator 14

If you download this game from the google play store, the game will start from where you have two fields, one tractor, a sewing machine, a cultivator, and one harvester.

You have to buy other equipment by growing and selling your grains. This will take you so much time and effort, so the mod version which you will download from here has the following features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All premium unlocked
  • Free shopping
  • Anti-ban
  • Free
  • Ad free
  • Safe
  • Free high-end cars
  • All equipment unlocked

How to download and install farming simulator 14 MOD APK ?

Step 1: Just hit download button to start downloading the base file

Step 2: Open base file from downloads of your devices

Step 3: Install the base file that will be APK file

Step 4:If you have downloaded a game other than the google play store, the device needs permission to allow it from unknown sources.

Step 5:There is no need to panic. The solution is to go to your device’s settings and allow unknown sources.

Step 6:Click install the game will be installed without any error.

The interesting thing about farming simulator 14 MOD APK

The most interesting thing about farming simulator 14 MOD APK is that besides excellent options for growing and harvesting crops on the field, you can also sell the milk of your animals and earn money from it.

You have to feed your animals and as long as your animals are fed, you will receive a milk tank near the shed. You must take that tank, the same as crops, to its selling point.

Q 1: Is farming simulator 14 MOD APK safe to download?

Ans: Yes, the fs 14 mod apk(Updated) is 100% safe to download. There is no need to worry while downloading this.

Q 2: Can it be played offline?

Ans: Yes, the fs 14 mod apk can be played offline. If you want to play with your friends,you must connect to the internet and play with your friends via the internet

Q 3: How can we get unlimited money in the fs 14 MOD APK ?

Ans: You have to download the fs 14 mod apk by tapping the download button, and then you have to go to the saved game and run the already saved file and can enjoy unlimited money and free high-end cars.

The closure

Farming simulator 14 MOD APK is a very adventurous and amazing game that gives you the charm of driving the tractor, growing the fields, and harvesting the crops and gives you a demo of the life of a farmer. It will make you realize how much responsibility the life of a farmer has.