War Robots Mod Apk 2023-v9.2.2  (Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets)

War Robots Mod Apk
🐱‍🏍App NameWar Robots Mod Apk
Latest Versionv9.2.2
🔧Last Updated20 June 2023
🐱‍👤RequirementsAndroid 5.1
🧱Size76.6 MB

Introduction of War Robots Mod Apk 2023-v9.2.2  (Speed Multiplier/Mod Menu)

War Robots Mod Apk has hilarious gameplay in which the robots fight against their rivals. You have to kill your opponents by using incredible weapons. To get the victory, you must make your crew with the mighty Roberts.

There is a range of robots; you can select the Roberts of your preferences according to their skills for fighting challenges.  “PIXONIC” has developed a series of online matches and individual challenges for the fun of the Action games.

Get incredible prizes and rewards, and get the victory against the rivals. Find tips to unlock more characters of robots and upgradation of power of existing robots after the fight in a modified version.     

Fun Gameplay of War Robots Mod Apk (Unlimited Rockets/Money)

          The best fighting game has extraordinary character and location designs of the robot. The 3D graphics of the area looks attractive and real Stick.

You will enjoy the beautiful animation of the scientific world with the robotic characters and exclusive weapons in War Robots Mod Apk. The game has a simple interface with handy control. You can control the game’s features, like the selection of the levels, robots, and weapons is very flexible.

You can customize the different characters and their power by changing their money and gems to unlock the premium features. You do not have to spend credits because they are unlocked in the mod version.

 Features of War Robots Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Gems)


Destroy Nasty Foes

          In war robots mod Apk, you can destroy your enemies using advanced weapons and powerful skills. You have to fight aggressively against them on the battlefield.

To kill the villain’s team, you can make a crew of powerful robots and start the fight. The greedy characters have unique, powerful skills to fight.

You can learn the strategies from your enemies and use them against them while playing online matches around the globe. The upgraded weapons attack and defeat enemies in the PVP battles.

Easy mechanics and control

                 Android game has simple control, which is very understandable to all the players having no idea about the deadly fighting game. You can access your enemies and attack monsters by attacking and defending gesture keys in War Robots Mod Apk.

These options are worked on the base of tapping. You have the command to roam on the different locations from the map. All the levels are premium features of the missions and accessible to the players without spending credentials.

Unlocked version

                The new version of war robots mod Apk has advanced features in the levels. You can make your crew and fight against the rivals the by using the weapons in the different missions.

To play the unlocked level of War Robots Mod Apk, you have to unlock it by spending unlimited money and a bonus. Each mission has the unique difficulty of the fighting challenges to get the skills and learn the fighting strategies from your enemies.

So you can access the premium feature for more fun by unlocking them. You can open the character’s power by getting a reward. You can have unlocked fighting characters in “The Battle Cats Mod Apk.”          

Improved animations and graphics

War Robots Mod APK has enjoyable graphics and colorful visuals of a robot. You can explore the location of the battlefield according to your preference.

The maps include beautiful places of buildings, grounds, and advanced scientific environments.

You can use advanced weapons to kill the villains; the costumes of robots and villains look realistic due to their unique designs.

Unlimited gems and money 

The modded Apk has unlimited money to upgrade the character’s power and the costumes with the rewards, and we can do endless shopping and buy everything from the menu.

You can get exciting prizes by playing the different missions and completing the task of fighting the different modes of the modes apk.

You can buy the premium version and enjoy the endless fun of devastating missions.              

Downloading Procedure of War Robots Hack Apk

 For downloading the latest version of War Robots mod APK:

  •  You have to search for the game in the Google bar.
  •  Download it from the downloading link given on the website. 
  • You can download the game, and it will be uploaded in the download folder.
  •  You can install the game from the download folder, and it will be installed.
  •  After installation, you can play easily.

My Reviews

           I like the furious fighting game due to its variety of robots and action-packed missions. We can as like the top not weapons to fight against the rivals.

The modified version has a variety of challenges to play and explore the fun of a battle around the globe. You have control over the selection of battles like 6V6 Challenges and PVP challenges.

You have the command of the individual game challenger against the AI competitors. To play with the customizable robots, you can choose a variety of 50 unique robots.


What points are needed to upgrade the robot in the Android game?

We can upgrade the character’s power by spending the bonus and increasing their health point.

How many types of the Roberts can we select in War Battle Mod Apk(All Unlocked)?

We can choose over the 500 + characters having robotic features.

How can we enjoy the premium features?

We can play the task of premium features by unlocking them.

How can we face the villain in the war battle mod Apk?

We can meet them by using advanced weapons and powerful fighting skills.

Which types of battles can we play in War Robot Mod Apk?

We can enjoy 6v6 and PvP fighting challenges in the Android game.

Is the premium version of the War Robots Mod Apk has the disruption of ads?

No! There are no ads while playing the premium and standard versions to avoid the distraction of players.


                  War Robot Mod Apk is thrilling gameplay with exciting robot characters fighting against opponents. You must participate as a hero to destroy the enemies using fewer missiles.

The impeccable game has no interruptions of ads. You can access the volume and different modes to play the challenges, like a PVP battle and six versus six competition.

You must play inner with concentration to get fantastic rewards like unlimited money and gems. You can use these prizes for the customization of the character and weapons.